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We deliver clear, comfortable ways to keep up with unclear, uncomfortable work.

We parse through documentation – and noise – about employer obligations under the Affordable Care Act, to pinpoint what's pertinent for a business's ACA compliance team.

We then break down how ACA rules for employers apply, so that members of a company's ACA compliance team can be confident and efficient when discussing ACA matters in-house – and with their insurance broker, software vendor, accountant, or employee benefits attorney.

From a high level to all those weeds, we lay things out in plain English. We call our work declunkifying the ACA.

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Declunkifying the present

On an e-learning platform that's diverse and convenient, we deliver:

  • Explanations of terms, concepts and processes that are confusing.
  • Context for what has changed and what could change.

Our goal is to make your work in an uncomfortable landscape as comfortable as possible_ACAinsights.org director Helen KarakoudasWe declunkify via images.

If you do better scrolling through visuals, we have an image gallery we call Plain Talk. You can filter the 28 images in this gallery according to Plain Talk about Tackling ACA Compliance, Plain Talk about ACA Reporting, and Plain Talk about the ACA.

We declunkify via short articles.

If you do better with a little bit of text, we have an 80- to 200-word article behind every one of the 28 images in the Plain Talk gallery.

We declunkify via long articles.

If you do better with a lot of text, we have 1,000-word to 12-page articles in our Analyses and Observations sections.

We declunkify via video.

If you do better following intensely detailed info on narrated slides that you can mark up and then print for review after review, we have Video Courses you can pull up on a university-grade learning system. Dive in on your desktop and then, right where you leave off, pick up again on your tablet or phone.

We declunkify via audio.

If you do better listening to high-level and partially weedy info while you're on the go, we have Audio Lessons that you can download and tune into while you're commuting.

We declunkify via Q&As.

If you do better looking up keywords in a Q&A storehouse, we have an Answer Bank that's indexed dozens of ways.


Declunkifying what's ahead

In addition to terms, concepts and processes, we also declunkify the impact of current events. 

linkedin-post_what-trump-election-means-for-employers-and-aca-compliance_acainsights-orgWhile President-Elect Donald J. Trump was making his victory speech, we began examining what's ahead for employers subject to the ACA employer mandate:

  • We immediately emailed legal scholars on health care policy to pick their brains on what the first days, weeks and months of the Trump administration would mean for employer responsibility under the ACA.
  • Before the close of business on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, professionals on our mailing list had an email titled "What's next for employers and ACA compliance."
  • The following day, our analysis – one of the first on this topic – appeared on LinkedIn.


Declunkifying at no charge

Some of the digital vitamins and painkillers that we offer employers' ACA compliance teams are at no charge.

Learn more about ACA Insights' free educational materials.


Declunkifying via memberships

Some of the digital vitamins and painkillers that we offer employers' ACA compliance teams are paid content.

  • Our Audio Lessons and Video Courses are available à la carte and by subscription.
  • Our Answer Bank is available by subscription.

Learn more about the memberships available when you subscribe to ACA Insights.

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