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In this section of our site, we bring you detailed looks at points about employer compliance with the Affordable Care Act that we believe members of a company’s ACA compliance team should be discussing in-house and, as needed, with their insurance broker, software vendor, accountant, and employee benefits attorney.

The ACA and Millennials: An Analysis for Employers

Does your organization employ young adults? Are some of your 18- to 34-year-old employees uninsured? Are their wages low to moderate?   If you  have 50 or more full-time employees (including equivalents), you should pay attention to this year's open enrollment.      Is your ACA compliance strategy to accept the lesser of the…
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Lessons for employers from individuals’ play-or-pay consequences in 2014

 [printfriendly] September 2, 2016 By HELEN KARAKOUDAS, CHRS | Director, ACA Insights   For employers adrift in the landscape of Affordable Care Act compliance, a new report from the Internal Revenue Service has signposts you can use. The report is titled “Individual Income Tax Returns 2014.” It’s the latest edition of Publication 1304, an August…
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ACA quicksand: Gotchas in the 95% rule

[printfriendly] August 25, 2016 By HELEN KARAKOUDAS, CHRS | Director, ACA Insights   There is a saying that perfect is the enemy of good. This always-welcome sentiment echoes in the world of Affordable Care Act compliance. It’s called the 95% rule. It applies to employers large enough to have to comply with the play-or-pay mandate.…
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