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Example of ACA info presented in bite-size chunks_ACAinsights.orgLong and short articles

The material that we offer at no charge is grouped into four sections:

  1. Plain Talk with Visuals
  2. Analyses
  3. Observations
  4. Post-Election Insights.


This is all reading material. Not audio, nor video.

There are long articles. There are short articles.

Our shorter pieces are the high-level views we give in our Plain Talk with Visuals section. Pictured is an example of one of the posts in this section. Anchored by an image that says, "Monthly is the word to go by," this post – one of 28 in Plain Talk with Visuals – is titled "Know the word that counts."

If you need ACA info in bite-sized chunksthis is the section to go to. In the sidebar under Related posts, you can find links to all 28 of the posts in Plain Talk with Visuals.

Features in free content_ACAinsights.orgOur sidebar also lists keywords and phrases that you can use to search all our articles.

This tool can be helpful in pulling up information found in our longer pieces.

To make optimal use of your time in reading long pieces, we add more than search aids.

In the screenshot from our analysis titled Lessons for employers from individuals' play-or-pay consequences in 2014, notice how related posts are immediately findable – as is a tip on how to soak in material that's heavily detailed.


Occasional ACA explanations through food

Proof of ACA compliance is in the pudding with 1095-C forms_ACAinsights.orgWe put numbers in mathematical context, as we did with the percentages we calculated after mining the spreadsheets in the IRS report that the above article is about.

We also put numbers in visual context, as we did with the bowls in the above picture that remind us of the Goldilocks story.

From experience, we've found that the more we relate any ACA complexity to food, the easier it is for someone we're working with to understand.

So, a bowl of spaghetti tops our Post-Election Insights for Employers page.

Replacing ACA mandates a bowl of spaghetti for


While none of our free material is standalone audio or video, some of our free material – like our Post-Election Insights page – contains links, where relevant, to audio lessons or video courses. All audio lessons and video courses are paid content.

10 Q&As also at no charge

And while our Answer Bank is, as a package, paid content, 10 of our Q&As are at no charge.



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