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The 411 on using

The e-learning products we deliver – audio lessons, video courses, and Q&As – are intended as digital vitamins and painkillers for members of a company’s Affordable Care Act compliance team to use as needed.

We offer several ways to access our paid content.

You can pay as you go

If you don't need everything we offer, keep in mind that:

  • Audio Lessons are available à la carte.
  • Video Courses are available à la carte.

Learn more about à la carte options.

You can subscribe to one line

If you find that one of our product lines is especially helpful, you can go a step further and get a specific membership:

  • Audio Lessons are available as a package, through a yearly subscription.
  • Video Courses are available as a package, through a yearly subscription.
  • The Q&As in our Answer Bank are available as a package, through a yearly subscription.

Learn more about yearly subscriptions.

Helen Karakoudas welcome to ACA Insights members_ACAinsights.orgYou can subscribe to everything

If you find that you do need full access to everything – all the audio lessons, all the video courses, and the Answer Bank – terrific!

Full memberships are available to:

  • Individuals, for their own use.
  • Companies, for their employees.
  • ACA services providers, for their clients.

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What we do not offer

  • Q&As are not available à la carte. (10 of the Q&As in our Answer Bank are at no charge: a certain 10, not any 10.)
  • We do not offer trial memberships. If you need samples of how we explain ACA matters in order to evaluate whether to make a purchase, please review the range of what we offer at no charge.
  • We do not offer refunds. All sales are final. Please see below.

The no-nos

Just as you should not share – nor abuse – what’s in a medicine cabinet, you should not, in using this site, share access to paid content, nor abuse the presentation of any content.

Putting this material together takes time. Lots of time. And a range of specialty skills and tools. We protect our investment. We protect our intellectual property.

So we ask upfront that you catch yourself before – innocently or otherwise – engaging in business-world actions that elsewhere may raise no eyebrows:

  • Team distribution of usernames and passwords.
  • Copying and pasting of copyrighted information.

We monitor whether login credentials are shared. We monitor if our copyright is infringed upon.

  • In the first case, lost access; no refund.
  • In the second case, legal action.

Please be respectful.