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Each line of our paid e-learning materials – Audio Lessons, Video Courses, and the Answer Bank – comes as a package by yearly subscription:

With an ACA Insights Audio Membership, you can learn by listening

With an ACA Insights Video Membership, you can learn at your own pace on a university-grade system

With an ACA Insights Answer Bank Membership, you can learn by searching all our Q&As

Single-package memberships are available to individuals:

  • An Audio Membership is $100.
  • A Video Membership is $500.
  • An Answer Bank Membership is $500.


Single-package memberships are not available in multiples to a company for its ACA team, nor to ACA service providers for their clients. This means that we do not provide group discounts on just our audio lessons, or just our video courses, or just our Answer Bank.

Group purchases can be made for full memberships. Please find details below.


Full membership

With an ACA Insights Full Membership, you can use all our e-learning tools

For access by an individual to all of the above – Audio Lessons, Video Courses and the Answer Bank – we offer full membership at a yearly subscription of $850.

Full memberships also are available to companies for their ACA teams and to ACA services providers (benefits brokers, software vendors, accountants, and employee benefits lawyers) for their clients.

  • If you are an employer and would like multiple membership for your in-house team,  please use this form to reach us.
  • If you are a benefits broker, software vendor, accountant, or employee benefits attorney and would like multiple memberships for your clients, please reach us using this form.










Cautionary note

Every membership, even when sold in multiples, is a single-user subscription.

We monitor access to our paid content.

If abuse of any single-user subscription is detected, we will – without refund – cut off access.

As detailed in our terms of use, sharing of login credentials is unacceptable.